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Contact information:
Sales Manager.lvy Chan 
Tel:+86 18067054096 
Fax:+86 673 83199158 

Address 1:722-2 Kyeongan Road, Donggu, Daegu City, Korea 

Address 2: Liangong Industrial Zone,Palm Destrict, China


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Adjustable Base Manufacturer

We are real factory manufacturering various adjustable bases,mattresses and mattress covers etc.Our factory started from 2010 aim to cirle a real comfortable sleep systems for the world-wide.The premium adjustable bases designed by us not only offer users the deep sleep demand but also take the users to many entertainment programs including:


Head Up: The Head Up button lifts or lows the head section of the base to a desire position.
Foot Up: The Foot Up button lifts or lows the foot section of the base to a desire position.

Head Tilt: The Head Tilt button lifts or lows the level of head tilt section of the base to a desire position.

Lumbar: The Lumbar button lifts or lows the lumbar to help user releasing back stress to a desire position.

One Touch Buttons

FLAT: One touch FLAT calls any preset position back to flat.
Z-G: One touch Z-G presets Zero Gravity position. Z-G adjust user′s legs to a higher level than heart position, helping to relieve heart pressure with head lean back, also promote the user′s blood circulation.